We're a company of rebels

Sagan isn't a traditional sunglass company. We don't let overhead, middlemen, and advertising stand in the way of a fair price. We let you trade your sunglasses whenever you want. We encourage you to try on your sunglasses at home. And we don't chase the latest trends. It's our mission to provide more value than any other sunglass company, and we're going to be successful by doing the things that no other sunglass company is doing.

Inspired to deliver quality

Most fashion brands are marketing-obsessed and quality-blind. That is, they spend their resources creating marketing campaigns rather than developing quality products. Our focus will always be on the quality of our products. We use premium frame materials and lightweight polarized lenses, and we produce them at one of the world's best factories.

And we're just getting started

We're just two brothers from New Orleans on a simple mission: create sunglasses that people really, really like. However, we don't want to stop there. Our long term plan is to create a wide range of products that people really like, and we're devoting serious attention to such products. Stay tuned..